Until Fountain Bridge - Page 18/18

Adam’s eyebrows rose and I saw his mouth start to curl mischievously at the corners.

“Romantic how?”

I grunted at him. “As if I’m going to tell you and give you ammunition to torture him.”

“It’s only fair if you’re going to give him ammunition to torture me.”

Chuckling at his fear that my brother would discover Adam’s softer side, I shook my head slowly and answered casually. “I’m not.”

“What do you mean you’re not?”

“I’ve decided not to give Joss the diaries.”

Cocking his head in confusion Adam’s eyes asked the question for him.

I shrugged. “I was going to up until that last entry. Reading it all just reminded me how much we felt, how much we feel, and how much a part of us it is. It doesn’t belong to anyone else and I guess I don’t want it to. It’s ours. Our history. Our story. And in a way our future too. As much as I love her, you’re right. I can’t give that to Joss. I can’t give these to her. ” I gestured to the diaries and then got up on all fours over the scattered mess in a move to put them away. I was abruptly stopped by the pressure of Adam’s hands on either side of my hips.

I looked back over my shoulder, my eyes widening slightly at the sight of him on his knees behind me with the most carnal and possessive look on his face. My lips parted as he pulled my arse into him and I felt his erection rub against me. “What are you doing?” I asked on a whisper.

In response he slipped his hand around to the zipper on my shorts and tugged it down as his other hand tugged the zipper down on his jeans. “In a little while we’ll go upstairs to make love, but right now I’m going to fuck my future wife on top of our history.”

Somehow Adam managed to get the “f-word” into the most romantic sentence ever, and I didn’t care. Instead I gasped as he rocked against me and hoarsely replied, “What about the floor? We might scratch it.”

He stroked his hands up my spine and brought them back down to grip my hips and he hauled me harder against him. “Do you really think I give a shit about the floor right now?”

I shook my head, already flushing with anticipation. “I’m guessing not.”

Adam grinned wickedly. “Let’s start the next chapter, baby.”